So you want to know more about my blog? Cool, I am glad that you are interested in it. There is not really much to talk about it here, I am a web developer, I love to write different scripts and codes and I love to play online games whenever I have free time. I have decided to build an online site where I can add various games and different scripts. This is exactly how the idea to build a blog came into life.

I have created this site to give other gamers worldwide opportunities to play this online game for free. I know that stick games, in general, are very popular nowadays, I am sure that a lot of people here will find my blog useful and helpful.

Future plans:
In the near future I plan to expand my blog, I plan to add more online games, more memes related to this game and other cool stuff as well. I am sure that in order to expand my blog I will need some help from my users, I am always open to new ideas and suggestions and I would love to hear your idea guys.

Please send your ideas via e-mail, leave comments below and I will read them carefully as soon as I will have free time. I know that you all want to find more online games for free and I will do my best to give you such an opportunity but please keep in mind that it will take some time so be patient ok?

New admins:
Oh and one more thing, I am looking for web-admins, I am looking for the people who are inspired by my idea, I am looking for new offers and suggestions and I will do my best to give admin status on my blog.

I hope you are interested guys and hope you can help me with this task.