Check my FAQ page guys, I have listed all popular questions there and I hope you will find answers that will help you to understand interesting facts related to this blog.

 Is this game free?  Game is free to play, we have an online version of it, you can play it directly from your browser.
 Do I have to install some plugins?  Plugin? FOr what? If you are asking if you need a plugin to play this game answer is no, the game is built on the flash platform.
 How do you perform combo attacks on it?  Please check the front page of my site again and take a look at video guides as well. Everything is explained there.
 Are there other stick games as well?  Stick game category is very popular nowadays, there are tons of different online games from this category.
 Do you plan to add more stick games?  Yes, not only stick games but other flash games as well. For example RPG games, puzzle games, etc.
 Do you still need site admin?  I already have two admins so far, but since project is huge could use some extra help 🙂
 Can I contact you?  Of course, you can, in fact, I encourage my visitors to do so, send your suggestions or ideas whenever you want.
 Who is the admin of this site?  Just another regular otaku, he knows a couple of programming languages, he enjoys solitude and video games 🙂

Contact me via the following form, you can as well use the comments section below. I am open to new ideas, to new suggestions and new offers 🙂